Alternative/Metal Rock from Germany


Update 17.05.2019 Humam Poison out now!

Today we release our new EP Human Poison at Club11 in Dresden. It was a lot of work to get here and hopefully we can now reap the rewards of our actions. Listen to it! Now!

Update 15.03.2019

We printed our own merch! You can buy now Shirts in Black or White for 12€ each.

Just Contact us or join one of our Live Shows!

Update 24.03.2019

On this Weekend we have made our first Musicvideo inside a very rundown cultural house next to Kamenz. It was a lot of fun and thanks to everyone who helped us making it happen. A special thank to our Cameraman Toni who spread a lot of ideas into it.

Here a short clip of one Scene.



Update 01.10.2018 Our Second EP is coming!

For the next Week we are inside the SilentSound-Recording studio. We are well prepared thanks to the Pre-Production and look forward to working together with Peter from SilentSound.

Here you can see our guitarplayer Micha recording for the upcoming song - Oceans of Truths


Update 12.08.2018 - Singles BABYLON and BLACK SERPENT coming soon

Today we recorded two songs directly inside our rehearsal room with Max Höpf. It took us 12 hours to finish them. On this point a big "Thanks" to Max Höpf, who offered his time and knowledge completely free. We can't wait for the final songs.

Update 03.07.2017 - Our first EP - THE BURDEN OF A CROWN

Finally it is done. You can hear our first EP on